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Greetings From Alaska

Originally Prime Time Charters, I, along with my wife Phyllis have owned and operated Alaska Good Time Charters since 1991 - always from the port of Whittier! In addition to managing the business I also Captain our 50' boat Good Times throughout the season and Fool's Gold off season. Phyllis takes care of the office and many other duties that go along with multiday charters.

Phyllis was born in Alaska many years ago- we'll just leave it at that. When time allows, we venture into Prince William Sound to fish, view wildlife and enjoy the peace and quiet. For years, I was lucky enough to have Phyllis's company whether I was out fishing or hunting. Even today, at the age of $%#, Phyllis still enjoys camping in remote areas of Alaska while I go hunting.

I came to Alaska in 1962 at the age of 5. Over the years I have compiled a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of Alaska experiences from fishing Alaska's lakes, rivers and oceans, to hunting Alaska big game throughout Alaska and best of all, experiencing the many wonders, beauty and solitude of my favorite place on earth, Prince William Sound.

Alaska Good TIme Charters

Prince William Sound's rich ecosystem allows incredible amounts of wildlife, both land and marine mammals to thrive. Surrounded by towering mountains and barrier islands, the waters of Prince William Sound are some of the calmest in the North Pacific.

Our business motto, particularly on multiday trips, is "Adventures beyond expectations". We strive to live up to that motto every trip. In addition to providing the best service we can, we are also honest about expectations.

If you have the desire to experience the very best of Alaska, the way few Alaskans ever do, I invite you to join me on a multiday cruise in Prince William Sound.
David Pinquoch.


Quality Adventures in the Protected Waters of Prince William Sound!

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