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Sightsee - Fish - Shrimp Adventure Cruise

Join Us Aboard 50' Good Times for the Ultimate
4 Day Alaska Adventure Cruise!

Whale watch, visit tidewater glaciers, view sea lions, sea otter, seals, eagles, puffins, porpoise and bear in their natural environment, kayak in protected coves, beach comb, hike in a rain forest, visit a hidden waterfall, visit one of America's largest salmon hatcheries, catch fresh shrimp, deep sea fish for halibut and salmon - all in one trip!

After more than 30 years of fishing, shrimping, wildlife viewing and sightseeing in Prince William Sound, David, owner of Alaska Good Time Charters LL, has created a tour that combines all of our summer activities into one incredible adventure cruise. And to assure you will get the best trip possible, David will be your Captain, host, fishing, sightseeing and wildlife guide.

Alaska Salmon Fishing
4 Day/ 4 Night Sightsee-Fish-Shrimp Adventure Cruise Itinerary

Alaska Glacier Cruises

First Night - Board approximately 7 pm, cruise into Port Wells, set out shrimp pots and anchor for the night in a protected cove.

Day 1 includes pulling the shrimp pots, visiting one of the largest salmon hatcheries in North America, an optional hike to a hidden waterfall, stopping at a small tufted puffin colony and visiting a rock outcropping frequented by boisterous and playful sea lions. Next, we begin our cruise into Southwestern Prince William Sound observing wildlife along the way. Porpoise and humpback whales are encountered 99% of the time in southern waters. Our anchorage for the night offers incredible mountain amphitheaters and protected waters suitable for sea kayaking and more shrimp.

Day 2 includes spectacular Nassau Fiord, the terminus of Chenega Glacier. On occasion we have seen nearly 1000 seals hauled out on the ice in front of Chenega Glacier. Every day offers unique experiences-some days the glacier is calving small icebergs- the size of buses, other days jaw dropping towers of calving ice. Most day glacier tours are limited on the time they can spend at the glaciers, we aren't. The afternoon includes whale watching, porpoises and other marine wildlife. Season permitting we will anchor offshore from a salmon stream to watch black bear feeding on salmon.

Day 3 is fishing day. Halibut fishing mixed with salmon or rock fish depending on the time of year. Dinner will be the freshest halibut you've eaten and our recipe may be the best you've ever had. (Almost every trip, we are asked for our halibut, salmon and salad recipes)

Day 4 begins with more deep sea fishing, sea kayaking, hiking, beach combing, or wildlife viewing based on client preference. The afternoon is spent cruising back to Whittier, viewing wildlife, glaciers, and towering mountain scenery along the way. Disembark approximately 5 p.m. Itinerary is not guaranteed exactly as described. Wildlife, although somewhat predictable, don't always follow our itinerary. There may be more time available for kayaking and or fishing. We do guarantee no two trips will be identical.

A trip to Denali National Park is the perfect cruise family cruise package tour to capture coastal and interior Alaska. For information on our Cruise/Denali Package Tour click on Sightseeing above, then click on Cruise/Denali Package or visit our sister website @

4 Day/ 4 Night Sightsee-Fish-Shrimp Adventure Cruise Itinerary

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Parties of 2-3 can charter the boat exclusively for $2500 per day for the boat or we can put you on our shared boat list and try to match you up with another party. Extra nights are $1000 per party.

Multiday Deposit/Reservation Policy - Single party bookings require a non-refundable deposit of 50% or $5000, whichever is less and a signed contract. Balance is due 60 days before departure and is non-refundable. Split parties bookings (two or more parties) require a non-refundable full payment and a signed contract to confirm reservations. In the event of cancellation by any party Alaska Good Time Charters LLC will attempt to re-book another party and if successful, refund a portion of your payment

*10% discount for active military and their families

Shorter and longer Adventure Cruises are available. Longer trips allow more time for sea kayaking, deep sea fishing and shrimping. Shorter trips will likely reduce the amount of activities, especially fishing. Contact David @ 907 715-7447 or e-mail for more information.


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